For a limited period, to celebrate this milestone after years of testing, the seven series has an introductory price as below. NOTE that this gives you access to all the workshops as you need them, for two years. It is a subscription.

Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United States, Canada = AUD  $100 equivalent

Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands, SE ASia, China, Africa  = AUD $10.00 equivalent

Other countries, please enquire by email.

If this is too much money for you in your local church, write to us and explain, and we will find a way to get it to you.

If you feel that this is too little an amount, send us a donation.



Here is an Outline of the four MYW Modules, and the Small Group Modules stating the title and goal of each exercise in each series.

Here is a cover sheet for you to show to your team.

Leaders Resources are on a separate page.

Any other questions ?


Follow this simple email procedure. Follow each step closely:

1. Write to us by email and tell us which series you want to purchase. Download the free  Leaders Notes and start reading them. Read the blog site for that series and gain additional ideas and resources.

2. Within a month we will email to you the link to the subscription page where you can downlaod the pdf of any series . We will include the bank details for you to transfer money. (If it does not come, email us again.)

3. So, we trust you. Within one week of receiving our invoice, go to your bank and transfer the amount to our bank and make sure that you add : "(your name)( MYW)", so it will appear like this "Ragamuffin MYW" . That helps us keep track.

4. Gather a group of people to work through the series, or whatever format you are using, and begin. Print the pages out as you wish to.

5. Feedback to us on the MYW blogsites and tell us how you went and what the group discussed.