Outline of the Small Group Modules
the MYW exercises 
 arranged with additional studies
for small groups
There are two series. Church people should do both.

Wonder Workshops for non-churched people who want to explore.
Purple Cow Workshops for Christian small groups who want to explore and share. See a video introduction here.

See the Leaders Resources for more information on these approaches.

Al of these resources use a variety of inputs, including articles and video clips.

Wonder Workshops
Each one is five or six exercises
1. The Smell of God - some things we sought of knew already
2. Deeper Water- strength for the soul
3. The Passions of Jesus - what spurred him on
4. Max Doubt - faith comes through questionning
5. The Glass - is it half full? How do we know? Who do you trust?
6. What's Christianity Ever Done For Us? (Also known as WXED)
7. What is the Church?  - some very basic concepts and stories

Purple Cow Workshops
Each one is five or six exercises
1. The Purple Cow - why should anyone notice your message?
2. The B!G Idea - how to be an international Holy Spirit movement again
3. Turn the Page - recapture the biblical patterns for evangelism
4. ACE of Hearts - authentic community engagement
5. Unguarded - how to be your Christian self in the world
6. New Love New Courage  - where would I be without Jesus?
7. Hearts on Fire - equip the different parts of the church for evangelism
8. Good and Angry - who did Jesus confront and why? (also has its own website)