Here are the links to download free samples of the MYW exercises. There is one from each series, so you can read and trial them.

The small group resources use the same exercises and follow the same approach with some more bible study material

In MYW you become a subscriber to a change in capacity, culture and confidence, you don't just buy one series. There are a few exceptions only, items which are of wide significance so they need their own access points.

The Leaders Notes and Resources are already free to you, so you can download and get to understand  how these exercises work.

The sample files include:

  • the leaders notes on that exercise - to guide you through each step
  • participants page - if you wish to copy and distribute it
  • MY STORY - an exercise to uncover the power of telling our ordinary personal experience of faith . PLUS Participant's page MYW1.
  • YOUR STORY - an exercise to show how there are several signs of God's presence in anyone's life. PLUS Participant's Page MYW2.
  • OUR STORY - a study in the Family Tree of the church, second in its series.
  • THE STORY - an exercise to unpack simply the story of Jesus and its compelling attractiveness, file includes Participants Page MYW4.

There are even more resources about the big questions on the blogsite Max Doubt in search of Evidence for Belief