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Historical note

MYW is a much expanded, restructured and revised version of  'Gossiping The Gospel', which reached and empowered Christians in 22 different language groups of the Pacific and Australia. In the 2000's the Hope Discovery  Tour conducted people to make discoveries in their own human spirituality. 

Makes You Wonder combines, updates and expands these resources, and follows the same 'discovery' method of adult education.

It helps people find their voice, and gives them confidence. It has proved suitable for people from 16+ years of age, working together in small groups of 8+.

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If you have seen the price of these series, you will see that we are not going to buy a big house at the beach. To support the work you can donate to TallTrees ReSource, our auspicing counsultancy company.


Ian Robinson has a passion to see people take a fresh look at Christian faith, walk the talk and connect deeply with God.

He is known to be someone who gives honour to God. He has a capacity to identify the strengths in persons and programmes, think them through biblically, make them understandable to others, pass on the story and inspire action. He is also skilled in building networks and creativity in ministry.  All these skills are made  available to the church and community through the work of Tall Trees ReSource Inc.  Makes You Wonder is certainly one of his passions.

• He has established several ministry groups – Southcare, Help Street Foundation, Spirit Journeys Australia, and the Australian Research Institute for Desert Spirituality. He has also authored/edited several books: Burning Hope, Praying the Gospel, Gossiping the Gospel, This Thirsty Heart, If Anyone Thirsts, New Beginnings, Stop Look and Listen, Streams in the Wasteland, Broke and Growing an Everyday Faith.

• He has worked widely across Australia, New Zealand, several other nations and with many language groups.

• As well as principal consultant for Tall Trees ReSource Inc, he is Uniting Chaplain at the University of Western Australia. He has held many ministry roles in church and community. He has until recently been co-convenor of Bringing Them Home Committee , working for the healing truth and justice for Stolen Generations persons both in WA and nationally, and for countless years has been a member of the Uniting Church National Assembly Mission & Evangelism Network (AMEN).

Ian’s academic degrees are: Doctor of Philosophy (CSU), Master of Arts (Oxon), Bachelor of Arts (UWA).  Yes, he's a reverend doctor! Otherwise, he is reasonably normal - until enticed with the offer of a good coffee. :)

Ian is married to Margaret, and they have three wonderful adult children.